Clean Crawlspace equals a healthy home

One Call for All Things that "Crawl"

You know Pisgah Pest Control as the best for mountain pests...but, did you know, that includes the hidden pest that is a leaky, damp crawl space? Left unprotected crawlspaces and basements can cause pesky problems such as allergies, rot and extra utility costs! Let the men and women in green protect your mountain homeā€¦..from all things that crawl. Ask us about a cost estimate to encapsulate your crawl space today!

More Knowledge. Better Materials. Healthier Home.

Did you know? Air from the crawlspace becomes the air in your home. Be a smart home owner!

Did you know you can save 15-18% on your utility bill just by encapsulating your crawl space?

    Signs You May Need Crawlspace Encapsulation

  • Mold & mildew
  • Buckled floors
  • Condensation and rot around floor boards
  • Musty smell
  • High heating and cooling costs

Steps of Encapsulation Process

    and remove debris and trash

    vents, gaps, and open spaces

    walls with the highest quality sealing materials

  • DRY UP
    using a commercial grade dehumidifer and monitoring system

    with ongoing service maintenance, as needed

Ready to Protect Your Largest Investment?

More Knowledge. Less Chemicals. Better Outcomes.