Squirrel & Flying Squirrel Control & Exclusion

squirrel removal

Squirrel exclusion consists of a thorough inspection to identify the evidence of squirrels, a perimeter inspection to determine possible entry points and a written plan on how to evacuate and/or trap the squirrels.

The next step would be to implement the plan. The preferred and least intrusive method is to use an excluder on the determined main point of entry. An excluder is a tube designed to allow the squirrel to exit the structure but not be able to re-enter if all other entry points have been found and sealed accordingly. Using an excluder removes the need to trap and write a permit. A permit for squirrels would require an agent of Pisgah Pest Control to be onsite to check traps every 24 hours per state law.

The last step is clean up. This consists of using a hepa vacuum with full face respirators to remove droppings and contaminated insulation. Dry squirrel droppings can be harmful if inhaled and it’s recommended that only trained professionals who have the correct personal protection equipment attempt this type of clean up.

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